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Pre-Ordering FAQ & Policy

Why can't I buy a certain item? 

When our available inventory is purchased, the website will add a sold out icon.   If and when we decide to order more inventory after the first release, we will update the inventory on our site.

I need to change the address on my order. 

Please email us the new address.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order placed for an item that has been announced but not released.  We will not put up pre-orders on our website until our order is placed with the company so that your orders are guaranteed.  

How do preorders work? 

By ordering a pre-ordered item you are guaranteeing yourself a spot in line to receive it. Payment is due at time of purchase and when the product arrives, pre-orders are fulfilled first! You will receive an email with your updated tracking information as soon as it leaves our warehouse.

When am I charged for a pre-order item?

You are charged immediately, and in return, you are guaranteed the item. We only pre-sell items that have been confirmed by the manufacturer.  There are many companies that charge you when the item ships. However, they do not limit the amount of pre-order they sell so when they can not fill your order from their first shipment, your order goes to back-order status and you could be waiting months, only to find out they have to cancel your order because they are not getting anymore.

When will my item arrive?

Please refer to the description for the release dates. Please keep in mind that release dates are estimates, and may take longer or sooner. We have no control over when the manufacturer actually releases a product. We are just an anxious for the product to arrive as you are.  There may be a restocking fee for cancelled orders before the expected release date, after the expected release date you are able to cancel a pre-order for a full refund.
We do not ship out bundles or sets until all items have arrived when purchasing bundles or sets that include more than one pre-order. If you want to make sure that you get each pre-order as soon as possible you would have to purchase them separate and pay separate shipping.

I see this item in stores already. 

Depending on the product, retail stores will likely get the product first. Many manufacturers give the big chains first to market on many of their trending products.Also, most retail chains receive their product directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately for us, we have to wait for the product to be received at the manufacturers HQ, then they have to process our order, and then it ships out to us. So while it may be in stores first, we will get it around the same time as other online retailers. 

This item was supposed to be released already, where's my order?

An item's release date is listed on the product page. Sometimes there is a non-specific date such as a month, this just means that the manufacturer estimates the availability to that specific month, pleas trust us, we are just as anxious as you to get your product.
If your order has not shipped out yet, then it only means that all of the items have not arrived in stock yet. But they are on the way. 

What happens when I combine in-stock items with pre-order items.

We will ship your order as you ordered it.  If you want to receive items as they are released, then you need to order them separately and pay separate shipping.