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June 12 2017

Hey guys!  What a weekend!  Today is an organization day, and I can't wait.  We are going through all of our Pop warehouse and rearranging to fit all the new product that keeps coming in!  It gets pretty crazy when you have 200 of the same pop sitting back there!

Friday we finally received our Pez order and not listening to Super Rob and getting the Sour Flavor was definitely the best choice.  On Saturday we did a trade for the DC Collectibles Batmobile and Batwing from the Animated Series.  We hung the Batwing and have batteries in the Batmobile and it looks sick!  Yesterday a nice little collection came in, including a couple of 18" Shogun Warriors.

Got the news this morning that sadly Parks and Recreation had 3 different chases that were supposed to be, that will never be, now.  Wonder what store will end up with them as exclusives instead? Should be getting a Bluefin order today.  Included will be a re-up on our Street Fighters Figuarts.   Leonardo just got charged through NECA so we should have them arriving some time this week.  Also I was charged for Iceman Specialty Series Pop, so they should be here sometime this week as well.  Until next time folks...


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