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June 1st 2017

Welcome to my blog!  


I am going to try to put out a daily blog of updates from the store along with tidbits and info about upcoming events and sales.  Sometimes I will only have time to write a few sentences other times you will be begging for me to stop talking.  But this is it, unfiltered look into Brad's Toys.  


June 1st 2017:

Yesterday we had some new Gundam finally arriving along with some killer S.H. Figuarts Street Fighter Chun Li and Ryu and they look amazing!! We also had Diamond drop off more Rick and Morty comics, along with a few other goodies.  We had a few collections come in as well through out the day yesterday.  Including a nice Collector's Barbie lot and 2 different Funko Pop collections, probably more than 200 new and restock pops into the store.  


Busy day today.  We have trivia tonight at 7:30pm, tonight's topic is 'Superheroes and Comic Books.'  I will try to take time to update the calender and facebook as well.  

As for new products, today we should have arriving the new Loyal Subjects Power Rangers wave 2 blind boxes coming in.  I should also be receiving the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy wave 2 either today or tomorrow.  I just paid for a massive order for Funko as well, so hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we should have a lot of new chases to show off.  I also just ordered new Disney's Lion King Rakifi with Simba and Simba with leaf mane, coming this September.

Stay Tuned folks..


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